Kanon Cricket Bowling and Fielding Machine

Spin balls, fast balls, full length, short balls - you name it - the Kanon ball machine delivers accurately, repeatedly and on demand. Kanon cricket bowling machines are perfect for mastering batting techniques and major fielding skills whether you practice on a field, in the nets or at home and are a real alternative to Bola machines.

Large capacity hopper holding 90 ballsImg 5514 V1

Variable Frequency
Balls can be delivered at intervals of 2.5, 5,7.5 or 15 seconds.

Variable Velocity
By the adjustment of a simple control on the barrel, ball velocity is infinitely variable from 10km/h (6 mp/h) to 120km/h (74,5 mph)le Elevation
The adjustable barrel allows full length deliveries to skim high fielding shots.

Automatic Variable Oscillator
The machine will direct balls at random or at a pre-selected spot while maintaining constant power and length.

Swing Adaptor
With a simple setting, the adaptor adds swing to the left or the right.

Bowling Simulator
Provides the height required to simulate bowling deliveries.

Cordless Remote Control
To start and stop the ball feed from anywhere in the practice area.

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