The machines have been superb. They are consistent and easy to use. Batting drills and fielding/wicket-keeping sessions have been excellent. One of the best pieces of coaching equipment we have ever used. We would thoroughly recommend the products as it will make coaching much easier and give the players consistent feeds for quality practice

Steve Goldsmith - Redmist Cricket, ECB L3, former Kent & Derbyshire, Norfolk

Cost was for us a key consideration; however with some support we were able to secure this and have felt it offers excellent value for money as a piece of coaching equipment. I had previously underestimated the variety of coaching scope that the machine affords and the pleasure the kids derive from using it; fantastic at games as well as coaching repetitions. Excellent at offering consistent differentiated feed to players of varying abilities within a club group. Excellent at allowing you as coach to safely stretch groups of elite players as well.
Stephen Nutt - Tillside CC, Northumberland
The design of it is easy of use and durable. The installation was easy, it came with an extra tube for spin & plastic cover. Remote control pleased us the most. We would recommend the bowling machine for beginners to club cricketers, for cricket development, and for seniors who want to be in shape.
Nikola Horvatovic - King Cobra CC, Macedonia
The pleasing aspect is that you could use the machine at different heights to replicate younger and older person. The bounce and ball product is great for confidence. We would recommend the Kanon because batting is so technical and consistent line and length is needed to practice shots with technical skill. This product allows young and old people the chance to practice shots knowing an injury is highly unlikely.
Tom Collishaw - Suffolk New Academy
I did not know as much about the Kanon Ball series of machines as I did about Bola machines and have never used one before. I was very pleased with the ease of set up and use. The Kanon Ball premier has comparable performance to more expensive rivals, with the added bonus of flexibility as it can be used for multiple fielding drills. After care is excellent even when the machine was purchased second hand.
Graham Hughes - Darlington
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