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Cricket Training Balls for Batting & Fielding Practices  

Kanon Ball Slaz Balls Kanon Hard Balls Tennis Balls
Our new cricket training ball has been specially designed and manufactured for use with all the Kanon machines for fielding drills. Heavier than a tennis ball with less bounce, it is highly visible and the ideal product to practice those cricket skills. Similar to a tennis ball but harder and with lesser bounce. The softer Slazball is ideal for younger, in experienced players allowing them to build confidence without the fear of injury from a hard ball.Skills will improve more quickly under these circumstances.  Being more bouncy than a standard match ball it requires more concentration and an exacting stroke to keep the ball low. The dimple ball is a hard orange ball designed for accomplished and more advanced players, providing a realistic bounce, feel on the bat and sound on impact. The dimples provide a true and consistent delivery Our pressureless tennis balls are specially for use with all the Kanon machines. Ideal for practices will all age groups.
Kanon Cricket Fielding and Batting Ball Kanon Slaz Ball Kanon Cricket Fielding and Batting Hard Ball Kanon Tennis Ball for Machines